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Vantage is not only a powerful multipurpose Theme but also one of the best WordPress Theme for its simplicity and flexibility. Vantage supports powerful plugins for WordPress including WooCommerce and Meta Slider. You can easily create a beautiful shop like website using this Theme due to its full support to WooCommerce. Many people also use the theme to build a portfolio as it supports high resolution of images.

Theme Feature:  

Vantage Theme contains a lot of features. But some of the important features are:

  • It has a fully responsive design
  • It has awesome page builder support
  • It has limitless flexibility
  • It contains high-quality code
  • It supports Wonderful Widgets
  • It is highly customizable
  • It supports a set of typography options
  • It supports boxed and Wide layout
  • It is SEO friendly
  • It is translation Ready
  • It is WPML compatible
  • It contains Retina Ready option
  • It contains awesome font icons
  • It supports Google Map integration
  • It is cross-browser Compatible

Theme Documentation:

Vantage is a Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme used basically in Magazine. In this section, you will find resources on how to setup this theme.


The installation of this theme is very easy. After downloading you should have a compressed zip file of Vantage theme which contains all the required templates and images.

Upload the theme:

  1. First of all, Go to Appearance> Themes in WordPress dashboard
  2. Then click on the Add New button
  3. Then search for the Vantage
  4. Then select the Vantage Theme
  5. Finally, click Install Now

Activate the Theme:

  1. For Activation of this Theme, First, go to Appearance> Themes in the WordPress dashboard
  2. Then hover over the Theme thumbnail and click the Active button.

Theme Strategy:

Menu Locations:

Theme menu locations can be accessed from Appearance-> Menus->Menu Locations or Appearance->Customize-> Menus-> Menu Locations

Vantage offers a single menu location called Primary Menu. By default, this menu displays below the header and is left aligned. Menu settings allow you to center or right align the menu and also to combine the logo and menu into a single element, we’ll cover that in the Theme Settings section.

Widget Area:

Theme widget areas can be accessed from Appearance-> Widgets or Appearance->Customize->Widgets. Vantage offers the following widget areas:

  • Header: Displays to the right of the header. Widgets appear horizontally from left to right.
  • Sidebar: Displays to the right of the content area by default but changeable. Widgets appear vertically.
  • Footer: Displays below the content area. The footer will automatically assign columns as widgets are added. For example, if four widgets are added to the footer area they will appear in four 25% width columns.
  • Masthead: Take complete control over the header. Replaces the logo and header widget area. The header will automatically assign columns as widgets are added. For example, if four widgets are added to the header area they will appear in four 25% width columns.
Custom Vantage Widgets:

Vantage includes a few custom widgets that you might find useful.

  • Circle Icon Widget
  • Vantage Headline Widget
  • Vantage Social Media Widget
Circle Icon Widget:

The Circle Icon widget is best used in our Page Builder plugin. To insert it, click the Add Widget button in Page Builder then click Vantage Widgets on the left and select Circle Icon. The following settings fields are available:

  • Title
    Set the title.
  • Title Color
    Set the color of the title text.
  • Text
    Enter the main content for the widget.
  • Text Color
    Set the main content text color.
  • Icon
    Choose the icon for the widget. For a visual representation of the icons available, visit the Font Awesome icons page.
  • Icon Color
    Set the color of the icon.
  • Icon Background Color
    Set the icon background color/circle color.
  • Circle Background Image URL
    If you’d like to use a background image for the circle, enter the image URL here. If your image has already been uploaded to the WordPress Media library, navigate to the image in the Media Library, click on it and copy the URL from the right column meta box.
  • Icon Position
    Set the position you’d like the circle and icon to be displayed in, defaults to Top.
  • Icon Size
    Set the icon size.
  • More Text
    The more text is the final line of text, often used for a call to action.
  • More URL
    Set the more text URL.
  • Link title and icon to “More URL”
    Enable this option if you’d like the circle icon title and icon to be linked to the same URL as the more text.
  • Open link in a new tab
    Enabled this option if you’d like all links to open in a new tab.
Vantage Headline Widget:

The Vantage Headline Widget is best used in our Page Builder plugin. To insert it, click the Add Widget button in Page Builder then click Vantage Widgets on the left and select Vantage Headline. The following settings fields are available:


A big headline with a horizontal rule underneath it. The font size will be 26px and capitalized.

Sub Headline:

A sub-headline displayed below the horizontal rule. The font size will be 14px.

Vantage Social Media Widget:

The Vantage Social Media Widget has been replaced by our newer SiteOrigin Social Media Buttons Widget. If you’d prefer not to use the Widgets Bundle plugin or are already making use of the Vantage Social Media Widget, read on.

The following settings fields are available:

The widget title.

Icon Size
Choose between Large, Medium or Small.

The following networks are available. To display a network, simply enter the URL to your profile page for that network. For example, to have the Twitter icon display, enter your Twitter URL in the field provided.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Dribble
  • Behance
  • DeviantArt
  • Flickr
  • 500px
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
Page Template Settings

You’ll find the Page Template Settings section in the first section of the WordPress Customizer at Appearance-> Customize. Page Template Settings provide a way to change settings for the following layouts:

  • Blog page
  • Archives
    • Date Archives
    • Author Archives
    • Taxonomy Archives (Categories and Tags)
  • Custom Taxonomy Archives (Custom Post Types)
  • Not Found (404 Page Not Found)
  • Search Results

To make use of the page template settings, navigate to Appearance->Customize-> Page Template Settings. The Not Found and Search Results sections will always be visible, the other sections won’t always be visible. Use the Vantage main menu to navigate to the archive page you want to change. For example, to change the blog page layout, navigate to your blog. Once viewing the blog page, a Blog section will appear and the following settings will be available.

Page Layout:

Default: Displays the page title, content area, and sidebar.
No Sidebar: Displays the page title and content area without the sidebar.
Full Width: Displays the content area without the sidebar at full-screen width.
Full Width, With Sidebar: Displays the content area with the sidebar at full-screen width.

Masthead Bottom Margin:

Include the margin below the masthead (header) of your site. If you’ve already disabled the page title and have a slider or banner at the top of your page then this set is perfect to make it flush with the menu.

Footer Top Margin:

Include the margin above the footer. If you have a banner or slideshow at the bottom of your page then this set is perfect to make it flush with the footer.

Hide Masthead:

Hide the masthead (header). Perfect for landing pages or one-page websites.

Hide Footer Widgets:

Hide the footer widgets and footer widget area.

Theme Settings:

Theme settings cover all of the functional aspects of Vantage. If you’d like to change your layout from Full-Width to Boxed or alter the post meta information on your blog, Appearance->Customize->Theme Settings is the place to go.

Theme Design:

Theme design covers all of the visual aspects of Vantage. If you’d like to change your font family or size, alter menu colors or select a new link color, Appearance->Customize->Theme Design is the place to do it.

Vantage is a flexible Theme which gives all advantages of a premium theme. It is tightly integrated with powerful plugins like page builder which easily creates a perfect Website.
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March 13, 2018
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March 19, 2018
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IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge
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It is compatible with WPML, cross-browser, Search engines and responsive features
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PHP Files, HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files, PSD