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Shoe Store is the Best, Popular, Free & Responsive Premium featured Magento Theme with simple & clean page layouts and is proved to be a perfect e-commerce theme for building your online shoe store for men, women & kids. The theme is easily customizable in HTML 5 and CSS 3 & it provides a great Product Management system for displaying the products and navigating to the previous and next products easily. This Magento theme is responsive & having adaptive features. It adjusts its own contents to display them on any of the device’s resolution, thus, engaging a wide range of visitors including Smartphones and Tablet users.

We are providing this awesome & cool Magento template absolutely free of cost with the best premium features. You can manage options like language, currency, payment engines and others additional features. Grab this free e-commerce shoe store Magento theme now.

Software Required:

  • Magento Community Edition 1.9x
  • Sublime text2, Notepad ++ or any other Php editor.
  • A ZIP software for uncompressing the template files. (WinZip 9+ for Windows or Stuffit Expander 10+ for Mac).
  • Our Magento themes are designed to be used with clean install without sample data i.e. provided with the default theme.

Theme Features:

  • Supports Magento CE version 1.6.xx and, and
  • Full Responsive which adapting display to all devices.
  • Easy customization with well-structured and explained CSS3 & HTML5.
  • Template files were re-coded using grid Bootstrap principles.
  • Product Zoom with Backend Settings.
  • Back to top button.
  • Product Next & Previous View.
  • Supports Cross-browser and compatible with major browsers like Firefox 3, IE7+, Chrome 5 and Safari 5.
  • Easy editing & complete PSD files supplied.

Theme Documentation:


There are two main methods of installation:

  • Magento Connect Manager.
  • Manually placing the files in the correct location.

If you are using Fresh Magento Installation, We’d recommend the Magento Connect Manager Method as it’s the easiest. In This Theme, we install a two Extensions thus, Magic Cloud Zoom, Easy Tabs. If you already installed any one of the above extensions, we’d recommend the manually placing the files in the correct location.


Installation via the Magento Connect Manager is as simple as uploading a file.

  • Disable Magento Compilation, System » Tools » Compilation, and click “Disable”. If there’s no “Disable” button, then it’s already disabled!
  • Disable the Magento Cache, System » Cache Management, disable everything.
  • Navigate to the Magento Connect Manager via main administration menu, System » Magento Connect » Magento Connect Manager.
  • Once you have logged into the Magento Connect Manager, upload our file using the Choose File dialogue under the direct package file upload section and hit Upload.
  • Magento will now upload and install the package for you.
  • After the process have been completed, log out from your administration area and log back in.
Manual Installation

A manual installation of any Magento Extension should typically be avoided, but instructions are provided here for completeness.

  • Unzip the archive file.
  • Move appropriate Files and folders to your Magento Folder (i.e.) app, Media, js, skin files move to correct folders.

Once you set-up the installation you need to apply the theme. In Admin panel Go to system » configuration.

  • In left column General Tab, click Design link and then choose Themes section Enter your theme name “electronics” in all text fields.
  • Then click “save config”.
  • Refresh Magento Cache, System » Cache Management, Refresh.

Once you set-up the installation you need to apply the theme. In Admin panel, Go to system » configuration. In left column General Tab, click Design link and then choose Header section Logo Image src field to add “images/electronics/logo.png”. Then click “Save Config” button.

Note: You can change logo according to your need, use images folder to upload images.

Ex: skin/frontend/default/shoe_store/images/shoe_store/logo.png

  • Go to CMS » Pages and choose Home Page.
  • Click enabled in Status Drop-down menu.
  • From the Left-hand menu, select Design to get the right page.
  • Click “1 Column” from the Layout drop-down menu.
  • Click Content on the left-hand menu.
  • Select Show/Hide Editor button to leave WYSIWYG mode to open the content.
  • Copy and paste the given code in the content editor and build the homepage.

<p> {{block type=”catalog/product_list” name=home.catalog.product.new
alias=”product_homepage” template=”catalog/product/new_products.phtml”}}</p>

  • Select ‘Save Page’.
  • Click CMS » Static Blocks.
  • Click ‘Add New Block’.
  • Enter brands for the block title and brands for the identifier.
  • Choose Enabled from the Status Drop-down menu.
  • Choose the Show/Hide Editor button to leave it in WYSIWYG.
  • Go to the Content editor.
  • Copy and paste following code in content editor:

<div class=”item”><a href=”{{store direct_url=”onlinestore/men.html”}}”><img src=”{{media url=”shoe_store/banner1.jpg”}}” alt=”Men Shoes” /></a></div>

  • Block Title: banner.
  • Identifier: banner.
  • Status: Enabled.

Note: You can change image and URL according to your need and use images folder to upload images.

  • Block Title: Header Top Links.
  • Identifier: top_links.
  • Status: Enabled.


<ul class=”links bscclearfix”>
<li><a href=”{{store direct_url=””}}”>Home</a></li>
<li><a href=”{{store direct_url=”about-magento-demo-store”}}”>About
<li class=”last”><a href=”{{store direct_url=”contacts”}}”>Contact



In this file, you need to replace following:

addAttributeToFilter (‘category_id’, array( array(‘finset’ => ‘8’)) // Replace ‘8’ into your category ID.

addAttributeToFilter (‘category_id’, array( array(‘finset’ => ‘5’))// Replace ‘5’ into your category ID.

addAttributeToFilter (‘category_id’, array( array(‘finset’ => ‘6’)) // Replace ‘6’ into your category ID.

Note: Here New Products are displayed in categories wise such as men, women and kids. So you need to set your category id.

  • Block Title: Footer Bottom Links.
  • Identifier: bottom_links.
  • Status: Enabled.                                                                                                        


<div class=”freeshipping foot_pipe span4″><ahref=”{{storedirect_url=”checkout/cart/”}}”>

<img src=”{{media url=”shoe_store/free_shipping.png”}}” alt=”Free shipping”/></a></div>

<div class=”sharelinks span4″>

<div class=”content”>

<div class=”block-title”><strong><span>Follow Us</span></strong></div>

<a href=”#”><img src=”{{media url=”shoe_store/facebook.png”}}” alt=”facebook”/></a>

<a href=”#”><img src=”{{media url=”shoe_store/twitter.png”}}” alt=”twitter” /></a>

<a href=”#”><img src=”{{media url=”shoe_store/in.png”}}” alt=”in” /></a>

<a href=”#”><img src=”{{media url=”shoe_store/rss.png”}}” alt=”rss” /></a></div></div>

  • Block Title: Navigation Menu Links.
  • Identifier: menu_links.
  • Status: Enabled



<li class=”level0″><a class=”level-top” href=”{{store direct_url=”about-magento-demostore”}}”>

<span>About Us</span> </a></li>

<li class=”level0″><a class=”level-top” href=”{{store direct_url=”delivery”}}”>

<span>Delivery</span> </a></li>

<li class=”level0″><a class=”level-top” href=”{{store direct_url=”faqs”}}”>



<li class=”level0″><a class=”level-top” href=”{{store direct_url=”contacts”}}”>

<span>Contacts</span> </a></li>


Magento engine is a great solution for your online store. The default engine package contains all the modules necessary for successful sales. Open source allows you to offer really outstanding merchant possibilities for your customers.


Shoe Store is a Best, Popular, Free & Responsive Premium featured Magento Theme for building your online web store for an electronics e-commerce business of electronics devices & gadgets.

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