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This theme is a very creative, inherently flexible theme, designed to fit a variety of projects affording great latitude in terms of graphical customization, layout configuration, colour scheme alterations and much more. JSN shine is best for making a solid, respectable online platform for your business, corporate, campaigns and projects is now easier than ever, and customizing it to fit your branding needs or identity is an easy, breezy matter which takes minutes at most and not a single line of coding.

JSN Shine is one of the best multipurpose Joomla themes ever, which contains 9 niche themes with modern and typical designs. Empowered by the most powerful Joomla theme framework and a handy Joomla page builder, JSN Shine helps you to build an amazing website for almost types and industries without cost and time for coding.

Theme Features:

Made for any styles

JSN Shine can be considered as the most flexible theme due to smart layout designs. No matter what your website is a blog, store, or business portfolio, this theme will make it perfect.

Easy to use

JSN Shine gives you unique mechanism of installing sample data after few clicks on your current website. It can be uninstalled later to restore the original data.

Versatile Mega Menu Builder

The first-ever mega menu Builder with drag-n-drop function, the intuitive menu can be created in no time.

Unlimited Undo & Redo

Undo or redo any action that you made. Worry-free if you accidentally make a mistake.

Smoother Look with Bootstrap 3

Sun Framework with Bootstrap 3 makes your web development more intuitive than ever.

800+ Google Fonts Collection

Say goodbye to manually add a Google font. Now just simply grab any font family you want.

SEO Performance Leveled Up

Your site’s SEO performance is taken care of in Sun Framework with the microdata support.

Advanced Built-in Fields

A variety of tools such as icon picker, font selector, margin & padding box speed up your development work

Site Loading-free With Ajax Admin

AJAX support in Sun Framework allows fast saving without reloading Joomla administration

CSS & Javascript Compression

Accelerate the loading speed of your website with minified HTML, CSS, & JavaScript resources

Sample Data Installation

Simply hit one single click to install sample data and get the “demo” look for your website

More Power in Fontawesome 4.4

The rich collection of 670+ Font Awesome icons level up CSS power that helps to make up the website

Backup & Restore Easily

Sun Framework allows you to import or export all your theme settings quickly with just a click

Full RTL Compatibility

Fully RTL supported, Sun Framework just presents RTL languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, etc. perfectly

Theme Documentation:


 Before starting the installation, be sure, your systems should meet the following requirements:

 System Requirements

Joomla Requirements

Joomla 3.x

Server Requirement

Software: PHP 5.6 +


  • MySQL 5.1 +
  • SQL Server 10.50.1600.1 +
  • PostgreSQL 8.3.18 +

Web Server

  • Apache 2.0 +
  • Microsoft IIS 7 +
  • Nginx 1.0

Browser Requirement

  • Firefox 4 +
  • Google Chrome 10 +
  • Opera 10+
  • Safari 5+
  • Microsoft Edge

Development Environment

You can use the following servers suggestion list to develop your site locally on your computer.


  • WampSever


  • LAMP Bubdle

Mac OS

  • MAMP


  •  To build your website by JSN SunFramework, you need to install JSN Theme Gen-2 which built on JSN SunFramework.
  • There are two ways to install JSN Theme: install sample data via theme package installation and install by quickstart package.
  • This section will help you with steps to install JSN theme – Theme Installation and Quickstart Installation.

Theme Package Installation:

  1.  Download the theme installation package-

Log in The Webomania Customer Area to download the theme package that you have purchased. Make sure that you have downloaded the file marked with “Installation Package”. Depending on your order, you should have a theme installation file either called jsn-shine_2_Z.Z.Z_install.zip (Z.Z.Z is the theme version).

      2. Install the theme package-

This is a standard Joomla Theme installation file, which can be installed in Joomla Administration as usual. Here are quick instructions to remind you:

  • In Joomla! Administration, go to menu Extensions -> Extension Manager -> Install click Or browse for the file, select theme installation file or drag and drop theme installation file. Installation file will be uploaded to your server and installed in your Joomla.
  • Now, the theme is installed, but your layout and style need to be re-configured. You can build your own layout and set your style from here. However, it will be more convenient if you choose to install our Sample Data.

Please see our instructions below for further details about sample data installation.

Sample Data Installation:

 You can start the sample data installation process by clicking on Getting Started button, which appears at the end of your theme installation and user verify step, or from the Data Menu Item on the top of JSN Shine Corporate theme style settings page.

Click Install sample data button on the sample data you want to install.

Option 1: Install everything including content, layout and style

Your current contents will be erased. This option is suitable when you build a new website, and current contents are of no importance to you.

  1. On page JSN Shine Corporate Sample Data Installation follow the on-screen instruction to start the process.
  • Download sample data package of the demo website data such as demo articles, demo menus, demo theme settings, etc.
  • Install free versions of JSN extensions: JSN ImageShow, JSN PowerAdmin, JSN PageBuilder 3 and JSN UniForm.
  • Install sample data: this step will check the theme version before installing the sample data.2

      2. Click the “Start editing” button to Return to theme settings page for further configuration.

In this window, the information of third-party extensions they are supported style in the theme which needs to be purchased and installed manually. Click on Learn more or Download now to get more information.

Option 2: Install only layout and style

Your current contents will be untouched. This option is suitable when you want to migrate your existing site to TheWebomania themes.

Original data restoration:

Before the sample data installation process, all original data of your website is automatically backed up into a backup file located in /backup inside the joomla_root_folder/themes/JSN Shine Corporate_XXX/, where XXX is the theme edition on your server. Technically, this is the zip file, which contains a plain text file with SQL instructions that need to be executed on your Joomla Database. </p.

Below are the instructions on how to do that by using software phpMyAdmin 3.2.1:

  1. First, log in to phpMyAdmin and select your Joomla database on the left column
  2. Next, select tab Import on the horizontal menu bar
  3. Next, click button Browse.., then select the backup zip file and click button Go at the right corner of the page
  4. After script execution, you can get back to your website to check how the original data was restored

Quickstart Installation:

  • Quickstart package is a fully functional Joomla package containing the CMS itself, the database, the selected theme and all extensions used in the theme.
  • Once you install the quickstart successfully, you will have a complete website that looks exactly same as our demo, with all the configurations and data that we used on the demo site in one place.

 Step 1 – Download the Quickstart package from Customer Area

Step 2 – Upload the quickstart to your web folder

There are two main options, depending on your hosting features.

 Option 1: Upload via Control panel

Log on your Control panel → Go to the public_html folder → Upload the Quickstart zip package → Extract all the files in this folder.

Option 2:  Using FTP to upload extracted files from the Quickstart package to your public_html web folder

Step 3 – Open your web browser, type or paste your URL into the address bar to start the quickstart installation

Fill in all the fields below as required.  Once you have completed all the fields, click ‘NEXT’ to proceed to the next step.

Step 4 – Enter your database configuration information

  • On this page, please enter the correct database info that you created for this Joomla.
  • Once you have filled in all the info, click ‘NEXT’ to continue.

If all the information is correct, the quickstart package will be installed.

Step 5 – Finalize the installation process

  • The congratulation message will appear when the package is fully installed. On this screen, you will be prompted to remove Joomla installation.
  • Click on Remove Installation folder to perform this action.
  • After that, you can either log on your back-end to start working on the site by clicking on “Administrator” button, or check how the website looks by clicking on “Site” button.

 Congratulations you have installed the theme successfully.





JSN shine corporate theme is a relevant and significant, powerful and impressively professional, appealing and relatable, elegant and classy while caring and warm, seamlessly smooth and graphically versatile and nimble, tech-savvy and competent, highly intuitive and very well structured Joomla charity multipurpose nonprofit website theme.

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March 9, 2018
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March 15, 2018
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Joomla corporate theme version 1.1.4
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Joomla 3.8.x
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PHP Files, HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files, PSD